So you would really like kittens from rattery Castor? Great! Actually my main goal is to breed a friendly and healthy line of rats, the fact pet owners can get rats from that line is a nice extra!

Since you are on the English version of my website I am going to assume you are either living in the Netherlands and do not speak Dutch OR you live elsewhere and would really want to import (breeding) rats to your country. If the latter is the case I want you to know that I am open to exporting my kittens outside the country, but of course it needs to be done in a manner that is safe to the animal. Especially if you want kittens for breeding I’d want to discuss things without you throughly first. So please just let me know if you do and we’ll talk about it!

Either way you can use the form at the bottom of the page to apply for kittens. It is just a short form to get your basic info so I can get back to you with additional questions. Around the time the mating is planned I will contact you if you want kittens from this mating for sure and email you the reservation form. Once the kittens are born and I know how many bucks and does I have I will let you know if there are any available for you.

Kittens from rattery Castor

What can you expect from rattery Castor?

  • Tame pet rats bred and raised with the best care possible
  • Many updates about the litter’s development, from the mating until they are old enough to be homed
  • Pedigree with information about the ancestors of your kittens
  • Homing agreement between new owner and breeder, signed by us both
  • Food for the first few days so they can get used to your own food
  • I hope to keep in touch with the new owners to answer questions and give information, as well as collect and share information about your kitten’s relatives


Naturally I want my kittens to end up in caring homes, which is why I expect a certain standard from anyone who wants kittens from me. If you do not agree to these terms it does not mean you are a bad owner, we just happen to have different opinions and it would be best to not agree to home my kittens to you.

  • Appropriate housing, which means a spacious cage (at least 80x50x60cm for 2 rats) with sufficient enrichment, non-dusty bedding and quality food for rats.
  • Medical care when necessary. All animals can get sick including pet rats, though they are small they have a right to medical care when they need it.
  • Company from another rat. Rats are group animals and as such need company from another rat to be happy. Kittens also need a similar-aged playmate to develop properly. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but these are rare and have been tried with other rats several times. Do not assume you can replace the company of another rat for your pet!
  • Do not breed with rats homed as pets. Not all kittens in a litter are suitable for breeding, but besides that breeding successfully is more than just putting a doe and a buck together. Betraying the trust of a breeder by using pet-homed rats in your breeding plans is not a respectable way of breeding. If you are seriously interested in breeding or if you want to raise a litter some time please contact me, we can discuss the possibilities.
  • Keep me up-to-date. To improve my lines it is vital I know as much as possible about the rats in them. I hope to keep in touch with the new owners of my kittens and know if there are any issues health or temperament wise and when and how they eventually passed away. Naturally I also just love hearing how the rats I bred are doing! I will contact you roughly twice a year with a short questionnaire.
  • Do not sell/give away the kittens without informing me. In case you can no longer care for your rats please contact me so we can solve this problem. Rats bred by me are always welcome back in the rattery and I really do not want them to end up in a shelter or sold/given to a person and lose contact. I feel responsible for every rat I’ve bred.

To conclude this I would like to say again I am always open to questions and comments, feel free to contact me!

Applying for kittens

  • Cancellation: I reserve the right to cancel any application/reservation if I feel the need to. If you want to cancel your application/reservation for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • Subject to change: All reservations are subject to change, as the number and sex of the kittens can not be predicted and there is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Breeding rats: As breeder of the litter I have the first choice of kittens from the litter, so I can pick the best to continue the line with. For this reason breeders receiving kittens also get priority over pet homes. This also includes potential breeding bucks for rattery Castor placed in trusted pet homes.
  • Meeting the kittens: I expect all pet homes to visit the rattery and meet the kittens, especially pet homes I have not met before so I have an idea where I am placing my kittens. This usually happens when the litter is 3 to 5 weeks old.
  • Distribution of pet kittens: During the visit to the rattery and the litter it is possible to indicate your preference and I will look which kittens match with you. Based on this information I will distribute the kittens amongst the homes, also trying to avoid placing identical kittens together. The final distribution will be known when the litter is 5-6 weeks old, because breeding kittens are picked when they are older.
  • Preference for a certain variety: A preference for a certain variety is something I can understand and am ok with, however I do not accept reservations based on variety. Also it is not possible to indicate your preference for a certain kitten based on a picture or its variety. Temperament is much more important than a fancy variety and I hope people want my kittens because of my breeding ethics. If you really want just a specific variety this is not the rattery for you.
  • Homing age: The kittens won’t be able to move to their new homes until they are at least 6 weeks old and weigh at least 100 grams. Depending on the circumstances it can happen the kittens won’t be homed out until they are 7 or 8 weeks old, because I rather see them leave later rather than too soon.
  • Price: The price for a kitten from rattery Castor is €20, two kittens are €40. Preferably paid in cash when the kittens are picked up.
  • Underaged individuals: Applications by underaged individuals will not be accepted, their parent/carer will have to apply for them

Waiting list application

If all of the above seems reasonable to you, you can apply for the waiting list below. Keep in mind I only have litters every once in a while, so you might have to wait for a bit before another litter is planned. Keep an eye on the planned litter page for the latest info. Around the time the mating is planned I will contact you about making your reservation definite.

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